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Final cut for theGLITTERKNIGHT video 'Lights'

GLITTERKNIGHT Pop Promotinal Package Individual Evaluation

The pop promotion package we have created for the band GLITTERKNIGHT turned out has turned out more immaculate than i could have imagined. It was took a lot of energy and time, especially with only two of us in the group, and the fact that Ben and i Starred in the music video we were directing but with all that said, i would say we have created a cutting edge pop promotion to be proud of. From the video to the print work, all done to a great standard that has been created perfectly for our target audience.
In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
The primary and secondary research we completed at the beginning of this task made everything a lot less complicated when it came to compiling a perfect pop promo for our Electro/pop band. By researching bands of the same genre it helped us realize the codes and conventions we would have to incorporate not only to catch the eye of that same target audience, but to make our promotional package seem as realistic as possible. We started by analyzing a few pop promotions to get the idea and feel of the sort of project we would be creating. Closely analyzing elements such as their themes, ideologies, star quality of the band and how their print work linked to their music video.

I started by analyzing bands videos, just of the pop variety. Lady Gaga and
Maroon 5 and Paramore. All of which are popular artists at the time, meaning i could get a lot of information from their conventions and styling so i could see what they were doing right to be so popular worldwide. After analyzing their mise-en scene, cinematography and narrative lines i could see that they all had their own individual ways of creating the star image for themselves. When i realised how different they all were from one another it made me realise that we had to make our band stand out independently, as that was a main theme that ran throughout the three videos. Individuality from the artist. Of course i also gained knowledge of how they had chosen certain cinematographic shots to represent what they needed within their videos. Two of the videos analyzed ( Maroon 5 and paramore) linked their lyrics and song ideas to their video giving across a strong message of what the song was about. Whereas with lady gaga chose a different route of making a mini film almost of which not really relating to the lyrics in the song. Though she did use costume design to incorporate this slightly, the narration was the complete opposite. So with this new knowledge i created notes on the sort of themes, codes and conventions that we could possibly use with our band GLITTERKNIGHT, to make them different.

After using that secondary researched i realized though that information had
helped majority towards ideas of the promotional package, that they though they held the pop value that i also needed to analyze they didn't have the electro side that we also needed to incorporate for to help attract the genre specific audience. Ben and I realized that the band that seemed perfect for this were florence and the machine. Their look, their feel, their music and promotional package all seemed similar to the ideas that we wanted to portray through GLITTERKNIGHT. So I analyzed their promotional package and it was perfect. Some of our previous ideas cropping up within their promo package, giving us the impression we were on the right track to create the image for the band we wanted. The vibe that Florence gave out was immaculate. Throughout her videos and artwork you could really feel her love for music bursting from the seams. It was more indie quirk with a pop flair. But their quirkiness is what gives them their stand out value in the charts. The certainty and self -reliance are the kind of qualities that the band were full of. Creating the idea of being at one with themselves and music, positive ideas given out from them. This helps build their star image that is very important to a band, because thats what the audience craves.

When it came to Digipack and advertisement designs we realised straight away was the use of cohesive theme that ran throughout both print work. From using
the same band images or backgrounds or typefaces. Something that kept familiarity so the band becomes more like a brand. This method use to help boosts sales as when it comes to the audience they will remember certain elements of the bands promotion which will stick in their minds. It's all amazing promotional technique that you can only really notice when you analyze the packages. This was something we wanted to make sure we got right as though the video is an important part to the package, it would be nothing without the advertisement and a attractive CD package. We decided straight off that we would develop upon this idea and keep a linking theme throughout for this reason. Using the same image of the band and the out of focus (bokeh style) lighting as our choice as backdrop throughout all three pieces. A quirky piece of imagery that also attracts the eye.

The techniques observed helped us when it came to coming up with ideas of our own. We had already decided that we were going to use an ongoing theme of lights throughout the promotional package, as the album name and single were
called lights. And the lyrics throughout that single had major ideologies behind it that we wanted to represent. We also had wanted to use a forest scene for the narrative as it was a good background for the representations of fear and loneliness we the song portrays. This also enforced by the beauty we saw created by Florences video 'Dog days' and 'Cosmic Love' Both using forest set environments it helped us come to the conclusion that it was a good idea. From analyzing previous artists videos it helped us come to
grips with cinematography within music videos. Because our previous project last year was a opening to a movie which is very different to a music video. There is a lot more to establish in a lot less time so every shot used has to portray the ideas that we want, as the audience has less time to focus on a video with is worth only three to four minutes. We also gained knowledge of the styling aspect which is characterized through Mise - en - scene mainly. The gain of star image is what we needed. But as our genre is electro pop, it had to have a quirky twist.
Just like Florence. We decided on challenging the conventions here by using a pop styled image for the studio shoot, keeping it quite sophisticated and simplistic. With creams blacks and golds. But on the narrative shoot thats when the electro styled vibe really jumped out at the audience. Using the best of both worlds to create a challenged but equally as impacting image for our band.

The costume and styling all used from our own ideas of what we wanted the band to look like. One of the plus points of also being the band gave us completecontrol over the whole project so we could present ourselves in the way we thought best to give the band star quality. The out of focus fairy lights were half inspired by Florence's 'Cosmic love' video where the video opens straight away with the lights glimmering in the background with the use of mirrors to project this thoroughly throughout their set. Once again giving that quirky image that they are famous for. This also used within their advertisement and digipack proving that its an important quality to have, a running theme throughout all elements of a pop promotional package. We wanted to use the lights, like mentioned, for representation value as well as looking nice. We used the out of focus lights to give the dreamy atmosphere on the set creating
ideologies that were hidden within the lyrics. We wanted to visually represent the lyrics in this way. By using objects to represent feelings portrayed. The lights giving the sense of hope and realization of a safe place. While the camera giving the impression of being watched through a lens at all times, being judged at all angles. The running represents trying to escape the fears.

Our digipack and Advertisment were mainly originally thought up, we used the
bold glowing text because we thought to stand out from the lights already in the background we need the typeface to be more gold and make it seem like it was glowing out of the page. This effect created in photoshop. The styling of the band image on both the advertisement and digipack are relatable to the music video, wearing the same colour and styling. Blacks and blazers for ben and white and lace blouse/tops for mine. Polor oposite colours creating a bold independant image for the both us.

To conclude, we used and developed elements as well as challenging some of the typical pop promotion to keep the good elements that the audience relate to but also challenging them to help stand out creating an independent campaign for the band to be proud of.

How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancillary texts?
All three elements of our pop promotional package are important as a set to promote the artist but individually they have to be just as remarkable as if people were to see them in window displays or the music video on television each one has to be impressive enough to snatch the eye of the audience and entice them learn more on the artist.

After gaining all the research knowledge we needed on making a successful package, we could start to make our ideas a reality. The video is something i'm very proud of. Considering the lack of budget and some resources we found a way to make the video still creating striking visuals for the audience to enjoy. I believe the video worked well because we had a theme that ran through the whole shoot. This represented in the lighting, mise en scene, styling and location type. The lighting being most important as it relates so highly to the whole package. Using the out of focus fairy lights in the studio shoot linking with the flashing lights coming from the box in the narrative which is represents finding your safe place.

Cinematography and editing also became very important to music video. The cinematography help present the emotional aspect of the piece. Using high angle in the narrative creating a victimized image for Kira whilst she's running away. The tenseness of the situation also emphasized by the pans of kira running, followed by a pan of ben running after. Cinematography also very important when it came to the performance part of the video also. Use of close ups to gain focus on the artists, also mid-shots and two shots of the band performing to get good look at the styling efforts made (always important when it comes to a music video) The editing we used for cross fades and dissolves. To help continuity we used two cameras at a time placed in different positions so if we wanted another angle it would still look smoothly edited. We also use editing for interesting shots. For example how we placed two frames over one another to create an image of a camera over kiras face to link back the narrative to the bands performing set.

The styling of the band was very important to us, we wanted to create a star image that would be remembered by the audience. We kept with a general colour of white blacks and golds for the studio shoot, Ben and I wearing mostly opposite colours to present us with the own identity within the band. Expressing to the audience that we are individuals within the band. We kept the the video genre specific using electro/pop elements. Like the added quirk to our in the narrative, parallel to the ones in the studio shoot to link the electro world to the pop side we presented within the studio shots. The hair and makeup were completely different for both band members from the narrative and the performance, giving diversity, showing both sides of the artists. Also to help bring contrasted image of the band to keep it exciting for the audience.

The video theme had two basic elements to it. The narrative which was set in a woodland area and the performance that was set in the studio. The location for the narrative was very important to us. The woodland representing the feeling of being trapped and lost, hard to find your way out. Which is an idea we took from the lyrics of the music to visually represent 'I had a way then loosing it all on my own' The studio shots worked better than we could have planned, we going to green screen the image of the out of focus fairy lights behind us, but after testing this, it seemed too fake. So we decided to set up the shoot with the fairy lights and bluring them ourselves with the use of the depth of field with the camera. Which was worth the effort because it came out better than we could have hoped. Despite the challenge of being able to focus us in front of the blurred lights, which we then tackled by merging two frames of the video together. One of performance, the other a recording of out of focus lighting, placed on top which i think gives a more dramatic, eccentric look. The lights becoming a very specific feature used throughout the package.

I would say that the video is a good example of what a electro/pop image should be portrayed as. Using kitsch visuals with a pop flair to balance of the mixed genre. We tried to keep the pace of the video upbeat, using lots of cuts on the beat count to keep the visuals linked with music. We used this effect mainly on choruses to the lyrics 'calling calling calling me, I'm calling calling calling home' Each time on the calling we cut to a new image keeping up with the tempo of the song helping it remain enjoyable to the audience.

The CD design and advertisement worked out better than we planned. After analyzing the other promotional packages. We strongly agreed on the important factor of using cohesive themes throughout the two print work to turn our band into a brand so that we would make them more recognizable and thus in the long run accumulating more money for the band. We kept the theme running by using the same colour scheme, band image and typfaces.

The advertisement consisted of the bands image placed central and takes up most of the poster to keep the band the main item of the advertising campaign. After all its the band that we are selling so keeping them the focus point was easiest way of achieving this. The colour scheme is also kept the same as the music video. Golds, blacks and whites. All very bold colours when placed together. Also as done before keeping the artists in opposing colours separating them to give them their own star image. The next thing the eye gets attracted to is the band name, album name and release date. All in a bright and bold typeface. So that audiences know straight away who they are looking at and what they are potentially going to buy. We added in typical conventions of an advertising poster. For example the social networking sites for the band so that the audience can get a more in depth idea of the band and their album that they are promoting, also a good way of boosting sales. Also cleverly placing a five star rating from one of the most popular music magazines, rolling stones. Presenting an upscale reputation for the band starting them off immediately with positive press. We wanted the advertisement to stay quite simplistic, keeping it un-cluttered so that the center of attention remains on the band. Plus if someone is passing by and sees the advert, they only have a small amount of time to take in the information, which is why the vital points are in bold so can be printed in the minds of the onlookers. which is an effective selling technique.

The CD cover is a basic, more stripped down version of the Advertisement using an identical band image, background and typefaces, just with the added features of a Digipack. By doing this it's once again keeping the linking theme throughout all three elements. The out of focus lights which would stand out immensely on the CD racks. The bands image once again becoming the focus point relaying connotations of the importance of the band once more. The type face remaining the same font, almost becoming the Logo if speaking in branding terms. We made sure to add in the elements of a traditional CD package. The universal logo and copyright symbols. Also cleverly fitting in the 'bands thankyous' on the inside cover, so it seems that the band are taking a personal approach to their fans. Keeping a down to earth friendly image, creating a instantly likable approach to the band.

I would say as a whole package the three elements combined make a great promotional package for GLITTERKNIGHT. Keeping within the same themes creating the same ideologies about the band throughout the package. The vibe given out from the package is electro/pop dream. Keeping within the realms of the genre. Giving the band their distinctive and personal image, keeping them standing out from other bands of their genre. This cleverly done by using the album title Lights and running with that whole theme throughout the package. Something so simple given an extra pizzazz to create a brilliantly thought out link that becomes striking visual to the eye. Our target audience would pick up on the eccentric characteristics used within the video, CD and advertisement. With the use of all elements mentioned, mainly the use of kitsch ideas, which is what they are interested in, creating enjoyment for the audience and more sales for the band.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The typical audience we saw for GLITTERKNIGHT is a mixture, just like the genre - electro pop. The demographic doesn't have too much specificity due to the hybrid culture of the band. We are targeting men and women from the ages of late teens to early twenties. We set this type of target audience due to the particular mix of the genre of electro/pop. But they would be the eccentric type that challenge the typical socialization of gender roles. Also, from research we found this was the general outcome of the people interested in this genre. We also want to target an active audience who can read into our representations that the video portrays, Who have the same passion and love for music that the band holds. As the video has a woman in it, it could typically attract men with the male gaze. Though it's not the typical women in a music video, with myself being more conserved and not playing on sexuality for views. Which also gives the impression of the music importance. Genre usually attracts people who are generally into that music typing. Giving us a broader aspect of the kind of people who would enjoy GLITTERKNIGHT. We are similar to bands like Little Boots, Florence and the Machine. Indie and electro/pop bands. Websites like Last FM which streams constant music, but also features an option where you can access bands just like the ones you are listening to, this is the kind of way i can imagine being found through the link of other bands.

We found out that feedback is a very crucial element to creating a successful production piece. Every bit of feedback, good or bad, helps us in the process when it comes to improving the elements of our pop promotion. Most of the feedback received was positive when it came to our package. A few people perceived our video in a different way than intended. We had one piece feedback that commented we could make it more clear that ben was following me, so we did a few pick up shots and added them in to our final piece to make it clear for the audience what was happening. They thought our star image throughout the whole package kept to a cohesive theme and created a creative star image for our band members. Quirky yet pop filled at the same time. All elements that we want to get across to our audience via the package, which gave the impression we were on the right track of representing our genre and band. They enjoyed our use of cinematography repeating the fact the use of certain angles and shots, and how our continuity looked so smooth and structured.

The main theme of comments we were getting were about how they loved our out of focus fairy lights. They enjoyed how we used it throughout the whole theme of the production pieces (the print work) and that it worked really well to keep the promotional package original and distinctive. Something that would stand out in a shop window or in HMV. Also quirky enough to keep with the genre ideologies. That is a huge compliment because using such a small design idea of lights as a main theme was a risk as it could have come out looking boring or to repetitive. But to know that the audience responded to it in the way they did was a huge achievement for us. We asked them if our promotional package was really for sale if they would be interested and we had a unanimous yes! Which is a huge success rate.

It was a hard task for Ben and I as we were the band as well as producing the whole production package, we had a lot of work to get through between the two of us. But after hearing all the positive feedback we gained from it, it was worth all the hard work and time put into the work. From the my perspective looking through the bands eyes i'd say we did an amazing job in promoting the artist to the full extent. Using all the resources from other pop promotion packages. Keeping themes current throughout all three elements, creating a image that makes the band stand out from the rest.

With the video we made sure that the band were centered keeping their performance scenes to a maximum to always remind audiences that it is about them. The concept that the lyrics portraying in the song Lights i think we presented excellently through the visuals (cinematography). The narrative presenting this well with the props like the antique box representing home and Ben with his camera representing the outside world making you feel vulnerable as they look in at you. Which is the ideology we wanted to perceive from the start of our project. The same with the print ad. With the use of mise en scene, and the bold titles we got the image of the band just right. The quirkiness of the out of focus lights mixed with the sophistication of costume, hair and make up. Giving the perfect combination of pop and electro. Looking at it through the band eyes once more i would say that we got the styling perfectly for the genre. It reminds me of the pop promotion of Florence and the machine but with a individuality of the band.

It was hard looking at the project through fresh eyes, seeing as were were in the video and working on the video 24/7 So the feedback we had from the audience really helped open our eyes once more on certain things we had missed out and to include them into the final piece to make the best package we could possibly create.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

New media has been vital to our process of our pop promotional package. During the research stage the internet has been a huge source of help when it has come to producing all three elements of our promotion. Starting with the help of one of the most major resources in the world, google. This was used in the beginning of the project to research different bands similar to our own to get the ideas of what sort of thing we were going to create. Youtube also helped with this to get an actual visual idea to help especially when it came to gaining ideas of the music video. Researching bands within the same genre and noting down their codes and conventions so we could get ideas of what we needed to start. This stage of our work were crucial to start a basis that we could build upon when it came to it.

When Ben and I were apart from each other we would use social networking to communicate with one another when it came to the planning process. Msn, Facebook and twitter. Sending ideas back and forth to keep an easy process communication helping the planning process quick and easy. We used Frame forge studio 2 to create a storyboard idea for our music video, it is a very detailed programme where you can chose different camera angles and costumes and location settings. Creating a more realistic storyboard to look back at to help when it comes to referencing back to ideas. Photoshop was also something we used within the planning process, creating different ideas for different types of Advertising and CD covers to get us used to using the equipment so we could be perfect at it when it came to making our final design. With the planning we also used stills from google image, flickr and polyvore to portray the visual ideas that we wanted to create. We pitched this using powerpoint presentation to the class, created like a moodboard to give ideas for feedback on whether we were heading in the right direction.

When it came to our video production we used a broad amount of new technologies to enhance the quality of the music video. We used a Sony Z1 HD , giving the finest, clearest quality to the shots. We used Bens IPhone LED light to create the illusion of the light coming out of the antique box. We also used bens IPad for sound playback for when we were recording, so we could listen to the recorded song on location shoots to sync movements with.We then started using the Apple Mac software, Final cut pro to edit and sync the footage filmed. Thanks to the enhancement of technology portable devices now have more use than just using a computer in a house or classroom. With Bens IPad we could research and edit on the move. Giving us a constant source of information and creative flow.

When it came to the print production we focused mainly using photoshop. Within photoshop you create lots of different layers and place them over one another to create a more flexible process. This makes the editing process a lot more efficient as if there is anything you want to delete it's easily done by just one layer instead of having to undo everything to the deletion point. We used the internet to get ideas of how to make our promotional package to the upmost best. By googling the phrase 'electro/pop' you get a range of results some of which can help with the themes and codes and conventions to use.

Within this evaluation I have used which has been easy and simple to use. With using this we've had to learn extra elements like how to use certain codes to embed videos onto the blog. Inserting pictures to keep a high amount of visual ideas to keep the blog interesting and helping to present the ideas people to look at and understand what sort of themes we were going for visually instead of just trying to explain. By uploading presentations onto google docs we could then use an embed code to place it on the blog giving an easy way to present our pitch idea on the blog. But the new programe to use is Prezi. An online presentation programme. It was the first time i've ever used it and it was great to use. A simplistic way of getting ideas onto the internet, also creating a futurstic sleek presentation that looks very professional. Polyvore was a website used to create fashion collages. I used it to visually explain the ideas we wanted for our costume design in the video.

To conclude i am very proud of our pop promotional package. I have accumulated a lot of production knowledge since the start of our project. The importance of all three elements of a promotional package to boost artists sales. I have also Built up a lot of technological knowledge. Using new technologies i have never heard of before and using skills i learnt from last year when filming and developing upon them to make an even better production. I think that we have invented a great star image for the band GLITTERKNIGHT that would get them plenty of sales.

Group Evaluation for Lights by GLITTERKNIGHT

This is myself and Bens group evaluation. Together we looked at the different elements of our video created a successful pop promotion. Above is my own evaluation which is more in depth.

We used a sony Z1 camera and Final Cut Pro to film and edited the evaluation above. We look at the ideas behind our music video, also evaluating at the success of the video by going through the techniques used to promote our band GLITTERKNIGHT, comparing it to the success of other pop promotions.

All three elements portray represents the star image perfectly. We achieved this mainly by making sure the full focus were on the band within all three elements of the pop production. Within the video we used close ups and zooms in between other shots to always pull focus back to GLITTERKNIGHT. In the CD cover and advertisement the image of the band is always centred within the print parts of production. Also by using a minuscule amount of elements of writing around the print media (keeping the important information for the audience.) to also keep the band at the core importance of the pop promotion.

All three parts of our production have kept genre specific, representing our electo/pop genre perfectly. We did this by presenting the electro and pop side to each part of our pop production using elements of each genre incorporated, using mise en scene, cinematography and design ideas. The knowledge we had gained from the research we gathered from other pop promotions of the same genre. By mixing the pop elements with the quirkiness of the electro pop. The styling for example in the studio shots the styling using opposite colours to give both of us our own identity. But at the same time a synchronised look and feel which is an aspect used in pop videos. Keeping the electro aspect in the styling in the narrative and also with themes like the contrast of the forest shots and the out of focus lights from the studio. Creating a Kitsch creative element to the piece.

The three elements combined make an amazing promotional package for GLITTERKNIGHT. We kept within the same themes creating the same ideologies about the band. Also giving the band a distinctive image keeping them standing out from other bands of the same genre. Creating higher popularity. This done by keeping the theme throughout the package, of the lights, type face and images of the band. Buy using eccentric ideas mixed with the pop elements we have created a promotional package that will catch the audiences eyes and create more sales for the band.

Audience feedback

Audience feedback is crucial to developing a pop promotion. As the audience are the people who will be viewing your pop promo, as you are enticing them to be interested in your band. They are the ones you have to impress. So by getting their input gives us the maximum ability to make it what the viewing public want.

There was a lot of audience research involved in the beginning of the project, starting with secondary. We researched bands of a similar artistry as our own, then got together a general idea of their kind of audience type so we could then help link it with the kind that we would be targeting our own video at. This was important as this gave us a starting ground on the kind of things we needed to do within our project to make it perfect for the audience type that we were going for (explained in presentation) We used electro pop bands like Florence And The Machine and Little Boots to get us started. After we could realize what kind of target audience we were going for we could then look at those bands videos to get an idea of what kind of thing those audiences enjoyed then perfecting ours to that standard so we could attract that type of audience.

We started primary research after that, finding out more specialized questions that we could relate to our ideas to see if thats what our target audience would enjoy. Questions about if a digipack and advertisement were important in a bands pop promotion and how important music videos are and how much they watch them. So we could gain the perspective of the audience to understand what we needed to create for their viewing pleasure.

Our audience responded amazingly to our video. one person had one bad thing to say about it. They all got the ideas that we had put within the video and got the concept and theme of all of the pop promotion package. A few people perceived our music video in a different way to which we intended. One person thought we could have made it clearer that Ben was following me. After getting this feedback we added in some more shots of this to make it clear for audience what was happening and why. They believed we created a great star image for our band, a quirky yet pop related one. They believed the styling in the narrative helped this majorly as our individual styles really came out in the narrative. Which was intended as we needed a good mixture of pop culture and electro quirk. We used the opportunity in the narrative to really present this. The pop element was presented through the performance in the studio shots. With more posing and dancing to the beat of the music, as an artist would to their music.

The ECMS in the videos they also found interesting. The contrast of our location in the forest and studio shot giving a diverse mix and presenting the difference from narrative and performance. They commented on the pace of the piece as we tried to edit some parts of it to the beat of the music relating it
the editing style, providing a clever link. They enjoyed how the cinematography linked well with the music. Pans and different angles used for dramatic effect in certain parts of the video. For example when I was running through the woods the pan following showed the full affect of the fright i was experiencing. They thoroughly enjoyed how we began the narrative shot through a view finder, so it looked as if the audience are looking through Bens perspective whilst following me. Once again relating the audience to the band.

They liked how our advertisement and digipack set had individuality of our own but still keeping what needed to be on them for example the copyright and company logos that would usually be seen. The fonts and images had huge comments.(mainly explained in the presentation) How the same image of the band were used on each piece of print work and each time centered to create the attention to it. Giving the Overall they liked how the whole package came together in a recognizable way for the audience so they could relate all to one another. Also giving the band a star image and attention that is needed when creating a pop promotion. The type face they loved as it seemed as if it was glowing. By using special effects in photoshop to create this to make it stand out. It's also very sizable for noticeability value.

As we are the band also it was a lot easier to create a promotional package. As we knew exactly what we wanted the song to represented as, so we could do it exactly to the point just consulting each other for ideas and concepts. We couldn't have asked for a better way for the whole pop promotion to have come out like.

I believe we got a lot right with our package. Sticking the brief and if anything being more imaginative than the brief first intended. All the way through the project developing the knowledge and ideas throughout the whole project. With the video our mind was set from the beginning that Lights had to be a main concept of the whole thing. Which worked even better than we could have even intended it to. Everytime someone watches our video or looks at our print work one of the first things they comment upon is the use of our out of focus lights. A very recognizable quality throughout the piece which is pretty and stands out well as a background idea. We created the band into a brand which is major in the music industry. So the band become more than just a 'one hit wonder' But something for people to remember and refer back to.

The video in general came better than i could have ever expected. All the visuals and ideolgies, representations used within the piece came together really well making a well thought out entertaining video for people to watch. And the advertisement and digipack also came out better than i could have expected. We kept the whole theme of the project together well, it was hard not to stray as there were so many ideas we could have used, but keeping one theme ended up becoming the best idea. If we could improve change anything, it would be more for cost efficient reasons than anything. If we could have a big studio with lots more editing technology and someone for hair and make up like real megastars get, it would have came out amazingly. But realisticly i would say we have done well for what resources we had. Also if we had more in a group than just Ben and I we could have perhaps came up with some more ideas. But once again for what we had I think we have made an amazing Pop Promotional package that any band would be proud to showcase.

Above, we explain how we have targeted our audiences reaction and feedback from our Print Material and Music video and how things have changed since

In this Prezi, we explain our use of new media technologies used throughout every stage of our production and print work. New media technologies have allowed us to present our ideas perfectly through the use of a wide range of Software, Hardware and various Web Applications.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Audience Feedback

Audience feedback is a vital element when it comes to making a pop promotion. Knowing what they like and dislike makes a huge impact on how we can improve our video so it can be at its best.

We need new opinions from a broad amount of people so that we could get a good judgement and opinions on the video. Ben an I put them on our Ipods/Iphones, so even when out in public we could show people and get their personal opinion. From family friends and college students who fit our target group that we intended our video for. So we could get a good wide response on the video, all that seemed very positive at that.

We were really pleased with the feedback that was given to us when our video was shown to the rest of our group. There were lots of positive things said and a couple of points of improvement that we deffinitely needed to get our music video to the highest standard. We found that people thought that our idea was very clever with all the representations used within the video. They said that it fit the codes and conventions and genre well. 'The lyrics and the video link together really well, using lights to represent what the lyrics mean.' We tried hard to keep the link between video and lyrics together, so that was a great compliment. We wanted the lights representing the different types of emotion of the lyrics presented in the video.

They thoroughly enjoyed our out of focus lights. (bokeh style) They liked how it was a theme that followed throughout the whole of the video. Which was our main feature on the studio shoot so thats a big compliment that they liked the main theme set within our video. They enjoyed our cinematography they thought it represented the emotions portrayed in our video perfectly. The pace, tone and mood all portrayed well with the use of cinematography also. They particularly liked the cuts we did every time in the chrous for the word 'calling' that was repeated.

The thing to be improved they said that ben wasn't in early enough, it seemed like it was just myself in the video. So we changed that so even in my chorus ben was featured in a few shots in the beggining to introduce him to the audience earlier. They also wanted us to have some shots in the beginning of our lights to evenly spread out the affect of the bokeh lights instead of just having them all at the end. Both points we changed, which improved the video a lot more.

All in all the conclusion we got from the feeback is that the idea was good. The pop genre was presented well but with an electro twist which is slightly Ellie Goulding feel to it. Which is what we want to portray. The areas for improvement that were given to us we did, which i think has personally brought our video to a better level.

Friday, 8 April 2011

FInal Digipack and Advertisement for GLITTERKNIGHT

These are the final designs for the Pop Promotional Digipack and Advertisement for the band 'GLITTERKNIGHT' It is developed thoroughly since our first design we made at the start of the project, showing the knowledge we have gained throughout about a good promotional package.

From what we researched about other pop promos we have produced in our digipack and advertisement using the elements to make our package as good as possible. Elements such as the cohesive theme that runs through an artists promotional package. By doing this it begins to present the band more as a brand that just a band. What this achieves is that it makes it more recognizable to people who see the CD or Advertisement, then relating it back to the artists. The more it stays in peoples heads the more likely people are to go home and research about the band inevitably resulting in more sales for the band. The theme we have used for GLITTERKNIGHT is the use of the bokeh (out of focus) style lighting. The same lights that are also used in the music video we have used on the advert and Digipack. Its a feature that stands out thoroughly so using this on all three elements of the package gives it a good edge. It stands out of the background immensely. So it will catch a passers by eyes instantly which is exactly what we want.

We have also kept with the same colour theme. Keeping it simplistic with blacks, whites and creams as the gold lights are the image we have that keeps it standing out. The blacks and whites also give an extra pop, using opposites to give the artists their own identities within the band, also helping stand out on the package. The bands image is positioned specifically to take up most of the CD Cover and Advertisement. This purposely done as they are the main focus that the people want to see. Its all about the artist. Its them we are selling.

The advertisement has the artist name and album name in a bold and bright typeface to keep with the theme of the gold lights in the background. This has to stand out especially on the advertisement as this is what people will look out to find information on the band. And the main information is the bands name and the album name. Below that the release date written in opposite colours to the background it is placed upon keeping it looking bold so its one of the first thing people see after the bands image. Other writing on the poster includes a rating from a prestigious music magazine 'Rolling Stones' To keep the reputation of the band at an impressive level. Also giving the information that the debut single lights is on the album linking the single in so that if people liked that it will encourage them to want to listen to the rest of the album. An important piece of information is the Bands myspace and Twitter. Life revolves around social networking for most people now, so giving that information is vital to produce more fans for the band.

The Digipack for GLITTERKNIGHT is pretty much exact to the advertisement just a more stripped down. Once again this has been to keep the promotional package linking. Using the bokeh lights to keep the linking theme and keeping it standing out when its on the CD racks. The band takes over the whole front cover with the Bands name and album title once again in bold right above. We have just added the CD elements to the bands promotional theme. Mandatory things like the barcode, copyright and the companies logo (universal). The title tracks and the inside 'bands thankyous' are in a glowing typeface to keep the light theme. It's simplistic yet edgy. Stands out enough to catch peoples eyes, but not too much that its painful towards the eyes.

The whole promotional package as a whole i think promotes the band perfectly. Visually and with it's aesthetics. It keeps to the pop promotion idea with the bands own twist incoperated into it, i'm very happy with the outcome

Friday, 1 April 2011

storyboard idea

Using Frame forge 3D studio 2 we created a storyboard to give us an generalist idea of the sort of thing we wanted our music video to turn out to be like. From the visuals you can gather the idea we are going for. With the gold lights in the background of our inside shoot and forest for the outside(narrative) shoots.

In regards to mise-en-scene, it gives the idea of the star image of the band. Both very sophisticated pop looks. Ben with a blazer and jeans and myself with a dress. The theme of blacks and whites and creams in contrast to the background of the lights on the inside shoot and the warm tones of the forest go together perfectly. The difference in colours also gives the separation of the two artists of the band, because pop of the twenty first century, every in the band has an identity to be relatable for a broader audience. Like the pussycats for example with different hairstyles or clothing etc.

The storyboards main purpose is to give the idea of shots used within the music video. The cinematography is important. We have to have a good amount of close ups to keep the main focus on GLITTERKNIGHT, the band as the idea of the music video is to keep all eyes on them. Mid shots and two shots are also important showing the image of the band throughout the whole video. Using these in different shots will also establish both of the aritsts with separate identities.

.examples of test shoots & photoshop experiments/

This is an example of our photoshop trial. At first the blazer was grey but we decided that having the blazer black makes it stand out more with the cream of my top and the gold in the background. So we changed it using the colour tools in photoshop. It makes a big difference and we did the same with the CD cover also.

This is a tester we used before we started filming when we thought we would use green screen. We used a friend to help us out. We stood him in front of the green screen and filmed various footage. We logged and captured it into the computer. Picked an image that we would want in the background (being the out of focus lights) and put it as the backdrop is space of the green screen. It worked rather well but was a complicated process so we ended up going for the more simple option hanging the lights behind us instead.

This is a video made by ben of us testing out our box light idea. A small hole was cut in the bottom of the box, then we placed bens eyephone LED flashlight precisley into the hole then strapped it on with tape. Thus creating the affect when the box is open giving the flash effect.